Academic Catalog

MCLA – Berkshire Community College Biotechnology Articulation Agreement

This program is a 2 + 2 program with Berkshire Community College (BCC) which allows students who complete BCC’s liberal arts biotechnology concentration to transfer seamlessly into MCLA’s Biology Major with a concentration in biotechnology.

BCC Program-Specific Courses26
BCC General Education Courses36
BIOL 101Biology Seminar for Majors1
BIOL 240Genetics4
BIOL 320Microbiology4
BIOL 330Journal Article Discussion1
BIOL 360Biochemistry3
BIOL 390Biometry3
BIOL 410Biotechniques4
BIOL 420Bioinformatics3
BIOL 480Cell & Molecular Biology4
CSCI 243Database Development3
PHYS 131General Physics I4
PHYS 132General Physics II4
Tier III Capstone3
Additional Upper Level Requirements12
Physical Education Requirements2
Additional Electives3
Total Hours120