Academic Catalog

Computer Science - Electrical Engineering Concentration, B.S.

CSCI 101First Year Computer Science Seminar3
CSCI 110Electrical Engineering Principles3
CSCI 121Programming in Java I3
CSCI 235Digital Circuit Design3
CSCI 240Introduction to Robotics3
CSCI 271Electric Circuit Design I3
CSCI 272Electric Circuit Design II3
CSCI 318Computer Organization and Assembly Language3
CSCI 330Programming in C++3
or CSCI 122 Programming in Java II
CSCI 390Junior Seminar1
CSCI 461Senior Project3
CSCI 462Senior Seminar1
MATH 220Calculus I3
MATH 320Calculus II3
PHYS 151Introduction to Mechanics4
PHYS 251Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism4
Six Credits of Computer Science 300/400 Level Electives6
Six Credits of Computer Science and/or Mathematics Electives6
Total Hours58