Academic Catalog

Health Sciences - Radiologic Technology Concentration, B.S.

In the Radiologic Technology concentration, students prepare for a career in the field of diagnostic imaging. This specific advanced education degree meets the need for sophisticated imaging management and leadership that can respond to clinical, organizational and fiscal demands facing the healthcare industry today. Students complete two years preparatory and general core course work earning placement into the concentration and clinical years in their third year.

Acceptance into RADT coursework takes place during the spring semester of a student's second year. Acceptance is limited with chances of acceptance increased by completing pre-requisite courses at MCLA and by earning grades higher than the minimum in these courses. Requirements include an overall GPA > 2.85; grades of C+ or higher in BIOL 150, BIOL 342, BIOL 343; HLTH 110 and HLTH 105; and minimum grades of C in MATH 150 or C+ in College Algebra. Additional details are provided at

Please note that students are required to attend at least one summer session after acceptance into the RADT coursework to complete this degree. During this session, students are required to attend clinical sessions a minimum of 40 hours per week for a period of 11 weeks. Students are encouraged not to engage in activities which carry a significant time commitment during this session.

BIOL 101Biology Seminar for Majors1
BIOL 150Introduction to Biology I: Cells4
BIOL 342Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 343Anatomy and Physiology II4
HLTH 105Medical Terminology1
HLTH 110Introduction to Healthcare3
HLTH 210/210HHuman Growth and Development3
HLTH/CCAP 300Ethical Issues in Health Care 13
CHEM 150Introduction to Chemistry I4
CHEM 152Introduction to Chemistry II4
MATH 150Precalculus3
MATH 232/232HIntroduction to Statistics3
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology3
RADT 300Introduction to Radiologic Technology2
RADT 305Radiographic Physics3
RADT 310Radiographic Positioning I4
RADT 320Radiographic Positioning II4
RADT 330Radiographic Exposures3
RADT 340Digital Imaging, Processing and Quality3
RADT 350Radiation Protection and Biology3
RADT 355Clinical Radiography I2
RADT 365Clinical Radiography II3
RADT 370Radiographic Pathology3
RADT 420Advanced Imaging and Pharmacology3
Select one of the following courses3
Principles of Computed Tomography I
Principles of Mammography I
Special Topics Radiography I
Select one of following courses3
Principles of Computed Tomography II
Principals of Mammography II
Special Topics Radiography II
RADT 440Radiographic Critique and Analysis3
RADT 455Clinical Radiography III6
RADT 465Clinical Radiography IV4
RADT 475Clinical Radiography V4
RADT 480Senior Seminar3
Total Hours99