Academic Catalog

Faculty Listing

Biology Department


Ann Billetz: cell biology, microbiology, parasitology
B.S., Walsh College
M.S., Cleveland State University
Ph.D., Cleveland State University
Anne Goodwin: zoology, animal physiology, marine biology, and human biology
B.A., Albion College
Ph.D., Harvard University
Peter Hoyt: athletic training
B.S., Mercyhurst College
M.S., Old Dominion University
Ph.D., Rocky Mountain University
Jerry Smosky: genetics, immunology, and evolution
B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College
M.S., University of South Carolina
Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Associate Professor

Eric Doucette: botany, ecology
B.S., University of Maine
Ph.D., University of Maine
Justin Golub: animal behavior, developmental biology, evolution, and biotechniques
B.S., Union College
M.S., Concordia University
Ph.D., Clark University

Assistant Professor

Andrew Best: anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics
B.S., Saint Michael's College
M.A., Quinnipiac University
M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Alyssa Dufresne: radiologic technology, intro to healthcare
RT (R)
B.S., Southern Vermont College
M.S., University of Central Missouri
George Hamaoui: microbial ecology
B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Nicole Porther: community health education, public health, human biology
B.S., Howard University
M.P.H., Florida International University
Ph.D.,  Florida International University
Rebecca Relyea: radiologic technology, positioning lab, advanced imaging
RT (R)
B.S., College of Saint Rose
A.S., Ogeechee Technical College
M.S., Excelsior College
Julie Walsh: positioning, advanced imaging, radiographic critique, computed tomography
RT (R) (M) (CT)
B.S., University of Connecticut
A.S., Gateway Community College
M.Ed., Park University

Business Administration and Economics Department


Chali Nondo: economics
A.S., Community College of Allegheny County
B.S., California University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A., California University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., West Virginia University
Nancy L. Ovitsky: marketing, economics, information technology
B.A., University of Illinois
M.S., University of Illinois
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Thomas Whalen: management, marketing, leadership, culture studies
B.S., U.S. Naval Academy
M.S., Troy University
Ph.D., Gonzaga University

Associate Professor

Tara J. Barboza:  accounting
B.S., University of Phoenix
M.B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
James S. Moriarty: accounting, finance
B.S., American International College
M.B.A., American International College

Assistant Professor

Sudipto Sarkar: marketing, business
B.Com. (Honors), University of Calcutta
M.B.A., University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Ph.D., University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Chemistry Department

Associate Professor

Carolyn Dehner: biochemistry
B.S., State University of New York, Geneseo
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Robert Harris: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry
B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Ph.D., Boston College

Computer Science Department

Associate Professor

David Eve: hardware, networking, information systems, entrepreneurship
B.A., College of Wooster
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ed.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Assistant Professor

Guodong Wang: performance optimization on high-speed networks; security and communications on smart grid; control, management, and services on SDN and IoTs
B.S., Henan Polytechnic University
M.S., University of Chinese Academy of Science
Ph.D., University of Chinese Academy of Science

Education Department


Nicholas Stroud: student and teacher attitudes toward science, science pedagogy in and out of classrooms and for communities
B.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.A., Stonybrook University
Ph.D., Teachers College Columbia University

Assistant Professor

Lisa Arrastia: oral history, racial capitalism, the pedagogies of culture, and the intersections of race, masculinity, social class, place, and school
B.S., SUNY Empire State College
M.A., Antioch University
M.Ed., National Louis University
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Margaret Clark: early childhood education, curriculum and theory, early literacy development
B.A., Williams College
M.A., Sonoma State University
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz
Sharon Head: special education teacher/case manager preparation, literacy instruction and intervention, behavior as communication, narrative inquiry
B.A., McDaniel College
M.A., University of New Mexico
Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Clio Stearns: education, childhood studies, curriculum theory, elementary teacher education
A.B., Bryn Mawr College
M.S. Ed., Bank Street College of Education
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

English & Communications Department


Michael Birch: digital media production, media and cultural studies, applied theater
B.A., King Alfred’s College
M.A., University of Lancaster
Ph.D., University of Liverpool
Paul E. LeSage: journalism, business writing, literature
B.A., Norwich University
M.A., Idaho State University
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Associate Professor

Amber Engelson: writing studies; global literacies; feminist rhetorics; writing across curriculum
A.B., Occidental College
M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Zachary Finch:  American literature, creative writing, contemporary poetry and poetics
B.A., Dartmouth College
M.F.A., Warren Wilson College
Ph.D., University of Buffalo
Jenna Sciuto: global anglophone literature, U.S.. southern literature, African American and African diasporic literatures, postcolonial theory
B.A., Brown University
M.A., Boston University
Ph.D. Northeastern University

Assistant Professor

Caren Beilin: creative writing, non-fiction
B.A., Columbia College Chicago
M.F.A., University of Montana
Ph.D., University of Utah
Shawn McIntosh: digital journalism, social production communities, media studies, strategic communications
B.S., University of Idaho
M.S., Columbia University
Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University
Victoria Papa: 20th-century and contemporary literatures, modernism, gender and sexuality studies, visual culture and new media
B.A., St. Anselm College
M.A., University of Albany, SUNY
Ph.D., Northeastern University
J. Antonio Templanza: 17th-century English literature, history of science and philosophy, literary criticism and theory
B.A., University of California at Berkley
M.A., Yale University
M.Phil., Yale University
Ph.D., Yale University

Environmental Studies Department


Daniel Shustack: wildlife biology
B.S., Pennsylvania State University
M.S., University of Vermont
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Elena Traister: stream ecology, campus sustainability
B.A., Williams College
M.A., Yale University
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

Fine and Performing Arts Department


Christine Condaris: vocal ensembles, ethnomusicology, musicology
B.A., Wesleyan University
M.A., New York University
Ph.D., Wesleyan University
Michael Dilthey: music theory/composition
B.M., Southern Illinois University
M.M., University of Missouri-Kansas City
M.M., Northwestern University
D.Mus., Northwestern University
Lisa Donovan: arts management, arts education, arts integration, arts based research
B.A., SUNY Oneonta
M.S., Boston University
Ph.D., Lesley University
Melanie Mowinski: drawing, books arts, print making and design
B.S., Case Western Reserve University
M.A., Yale University
M.F.A., University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Gregory Scheckler: visual art, painting and digital photography
B.A., University of Notre Dame
B.F.A., Washington University
M.F.A., Utah State University

Associate Professor

Diane Scott: fine arts entrepreneurship, strategic management in arts and non-profit organizations, leadership
B.A., Wichita State University
M.B.A. Wichita State University
Jerome Socolof: performing arts management and arts policy
B.M. SUNY Potsdam
M.A. Ohio State University
Ph.D. Ohio State University
Laura Standley: acting, directing, play analysis
B.A., University of Central Oklahoma
M.F.A., University of California, Irvine
Jeremy Winchester:  theater, scenic, and lighting
B.F.A., University of Oklahoma
M.F.A., University of Washington

Assistant Professor

Michaela Petrovich: theatre, costume design and technologies
B.A., University of Redlands, Johnston Center for Integrative Studies
M.F.A., University of Washington

Freel Library


Pamela Contakos
B.A., Marlboro College
M.L.S., Syracuse University
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts, Boston

Associate Librarian

Kate Flower
B.A., DePaul University
M.A., University of Arizona

History and Political Science Department


Anthony Daly: European history, world civilization
B.A., University of Toronto
M.A., Boston College
Ph.D., Boston College
Kailai Huang: Asian history, world civilization
B.A., Hebei University, Baoding, China
M.A., Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
Ph.D., Binghamton University

Associate Professor

David Cupery: Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, international relations, political and economic development, political economy, civil conflict
B.A., Centre College
Masters in International Sciences and Diplomacy, Universidad de Guayaquil, Ecuador
M.A., University of Colorado, Boulder
Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
Samantha Pettey: American politics; women and politics; state and local politics; research methods
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
M.A., University of Rhode Island
Ph.D., University of North Texas

Assistant Professor

Amanda Kleintop: U.S. history to 1877; U.S. Civil War and reconstruction; slavery and emancipation in the Atlantic world; historical methods
B.A., University of Richmond
M.A., Northwestern University
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Mathematics Department


Fredricka Bennett: graph theory, history of mathematics, probability theory
B.A., Drew University
M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Elizabeth Hartung: graph theory, modeling, combinatorics
B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.S., Syracuse University
Ph.D., Syracuse University
Christopher L. Thomas: geometric group theory
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ph.D., Tufts University

Assistant Professor

Erin Kiley: applied mathematics, mathematical modelling, computational electromagnetics
B.S., University of New Hampshire
M.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Philosophy/Modern Languages/Interdisciplinary Studies Department


David Braden-Johnson: epistemology and metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics
B.A., Georgetown University
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Paul Nnodim: social and political philosophy, African philosophy, and continental philosophy
B. Phil. Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome
Ph.D., Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
Graziana Ramsden: contemporary Hispanic novel and film, gender theory, second language acquisition
M.A., University of Venice
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Associate Professor

Hannah Haynes: critical ethnic studies, US immigration history, American studies
B.A., Williams College
M.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Mariana Bolívar Rubín: Spanish, 20th and 21st centuries Latin American/Caribbean literature, gender and film theory
B.A., Colorado State University, Fort Collins.
M.A., Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
Rita Nnodim: cross-cultural and transnational studies, African and South Asian studies, literature and film
M.A., Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
Ph.D., University of Birmingham, England

Assistant Professor

Guangzhi Huang: global urban history, Chinese urban cultures, critical race studies
B.A., Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
M.A., St. Louis University
Ph.D., University at Buffalo

Physics Department


Emily Maher: experimental particle physics
B.A., Hendrix College
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Associate Professor

Kebra Ward: experimental optics
B.S., University of Southern California
M.S., Lehigh University
Ph.D., Lehigh University

Assistant Professor

Thomas Burton: materials science/condensed matter physics
B.E., Virginia Polytech Institute and State University
Ph.D., University of Alabama

Psychology Department


Maria Bartini: peer relations in childhood and adolescence, school bullying, gender development
B.S., College of William & Mary
M.S., University of Georgia
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Thomas Byrne: behavior analysis, biological psychology, drugs and human behavior
B.A., University of Florida
M.A., Western Michigan University
Ph.D., Western Michigan University
Sharon Claffey: social support in married and cohabiting couples, division of household labor, academic motivation and achievement
B.A., College of the Holy Cross
M.A., Monmouth University
Ph.D., Kent State University

Associate Professor

Ruby Vega: learning and motivation, socially shared regulation of learning in small group formats
B.A., University of Arizona
M.A., University of Arizona
Ph.D., University of Arizona

Assistant Professor

Sara Steele: technology and cognition, sex differences in spatial ability
B.S., Kutztown University
M.A., The University of Alabama
Ph.D., The University of Alabama

Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work Department


Ingrid Castro: children and youth, race, gender, and class, education, cinema studies, qualitative methods
B.A., University of Delaware
M.A., Northeastern University
Ph.D., Northeastern University
Jennifer Zoltanski: social inequality, criminology, genocide, sociology of happiness
B.A., University of Denver
M.S., Portland State University
M.A., Brandeis University
Ph.D., Brandeis University

Associate Professor

Anna Jaysane-Darr: community and global health, anthropology of refugees, gender roles and culture
B.A., New York University
M.A., University of London
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Kerri Leyda Nicoll: poverty & inequality, social policy, community and civic engagement
B.A., Connecticut College
M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary
M.S.W., University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Assistant Professor

Travis Beaver: sociology of gender, men and masculinities, sexualities, social theory
B.A., The University of Texas at Austin  
M.A., The University of Texas at Austin  
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin  
Whitney Gecker: community and place, youth civic engagement, reconciliation, ethnography
B.A., George Mason University
M.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston
Ph.D., Boston University
Mohamad Junaid: political anthropology, social movements, visual anthropology, South Asia
B.A., Aligarh Muslim University, India
M.A., Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
M.Phil., Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Ph.D., City University of  New York, Graduate Center

Faculty Emeritus/Emerita

Peter Allmaker, M.Ed., Associate Professor of Computer Science

Diane L. Balduzy, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

Ellen P. Barber, Ph.D., Professor of Education

Robert (Bob) Bence, D. A., Professor of History

Susan (Sue) Birns, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

Bonnie Bishoff, M.F.A., Professor of Fine and Performing Arts

Robert Bishoff, Ph.D., Professor of English Communications

Elizabeth (Peggy) Brooks, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Mary Ellen Cohane, Ph.D., Professor of English Communications

Sumi E. Colligan, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

John (Jack) L. Conklin, Ph.D., Professor of Education

Daniel (Dan) Connerton, Ph.D., Professor of History

Joseph M. Ebiware, Ph.D., Professor of English Communications

Susan Edgerton, Ph.D., Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Michele A. Ethier, M.S.W., Professor of Social Work and Women's Studies

Dale Fink, Ph.D., Professor of Education

Deborah Foss, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

W. Anthony (Tony) Gengarelly, Ph.D., Professor of Fine and Performing Arts

Ernie Giangrande, Jr., CAGS, Professor of Computer Science

Marc Goldstein, Ph.D., Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Steven (Steve) Green, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

C. Barre Hellquist, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

Albert (Don) Hyers, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Studies

Timothy (Tim) Jay, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Frances Jones-Sneed, Ph.D., Professor of History

Monica N. Joslin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology

Ben Kahn, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration and Economics

Alla Kucher, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics

Elizabeth G. Lambert, Ph.D., Professor of English

David Langston, Ph.D., Professor of English Communications

David Levine, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry

Mark Miller, Ph.D., Professor of English & Communications

William (Bill) Montgomery, Ph.D., Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Lea Bertani Vozar Newman, Ph.D., Professor of English Communications

Leonard (Len) Paolillo, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

Ann Scott, Ed.D., Professor of Education

Matthew (Matt) Silliman, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy

Myles Whitney, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

Carl Wolf, Ph.D., Professor of Physics

Adrienne Wootters, Ph.D., Professor of Physics

Richard Yanow, M.B.A., Professor of Business Administration