Academic Catalog

Assessment of Student Learning

The assessment of student learning is crucial to MCLA's mission and values. Separate from student grades or faculty evaluation, assessment is an opportunity for MCLA faculty and staff to come together to develop and prioritize outcomes for student learning, deliver high-quality content, and critically reflect. We examine what is working well, what areas of learning can be strengthened, and what effective practices can be shared. Based on the results of these conversations, MCLA is able to update its delivery and offerings to be responsive to student needs and promote deeper learning. Assessment also helps us ensure equitable outcomes for all students. As students learn in and outside of the classroom, assessment is a central part of academic majors, minors, and concentrations; the Core Curriculum; academic affairs; student affairs; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

MCLA's commitment to continuous improvement necessitates that student work will be examined as part of program review, accreditation, or other research projects. In addition, students may be asked to participate in surveys and focus groups or contribute in some other way to the assessment process. The college adheres to all laws, ethics, and criteria for protecting the identity and privacy of students and faculty members.

For more information, please visit Our Director of Assessment welcomes any questions, concerns, or comments about assessment at MCLA.