Academic Catalog


READMISSION (overall MCLA Policy):

All students who previously attended MCLA but did not complete their degree may apply for readmission to the College by submitting an admission application. If the student completed additional coursework at another institution after leaving MCLA, an official transcript of this coursework must be sent to the Office of Admission. Any outstanding obligations to the College, such as financial commitments, must be reconciled prior to readmission.

Students who have been academically suspended from the College must meet specific criteria and complete six transferable credits, with a GPA of 2.0 or better, outside of MCLA to be considered for readmission.

NURSING SPECIFIC READMISSION POLICY (in addition to MCLA Readmission Policy):

Nursing Majors who withdraw in good academic standing from the Nursing Program must request readmission to the program.  Requesting readmission to the nursing program does not guarantee readmission. Readmission is dependent on space availability and may require an additional year of study.