Academic Catalog

Graduation Participation Policy

MCLA requires that students must complete all graduation requirements by the end of the academic year in order to participate in the spring graduation ceremony. In the case of demonstrable extenuating circumstances preventing a student’s timely completion of all requirements for graduation, exceptions may be granted by the Dean of Academic Affairs, on a case-by-case basis, under the following conditions:

  • The student has a minimum GPA of 2.0, and;
  • The student’s remaining number of untaken classes and/or incompletes does not exceed six credits or in the case of unfinished lab courses, a maximum of eight credits, and;
  • If the student’s remaining requirement is student teaching, to be completed in the successive fall semester.

The Dean of Academic Affairs may choose to grant the exception, provided the student has demonstrated the ability to complete all remaining coursework by August 31, or by the end of the fall semester in the case of student teaching; in exceedingly limited circumstances and at their discretion, the Dean of Academic Affairs may approve an extension of these deadlines to either the end of the following Fall semester or the next offering of the course(s). If additional courses must be taken, student must submit verification of enrollment in summer courses to the Dean before the exception will be granted. If the unfinished requirements consist of either Incompletes or non-credit bearing requirements, student must submit written completion agreements with the supervising faculty member and/or department chair to the Dean before the exception will be granted.