Academic Catalog

Off Campus Study Policy

Students at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts may enroll in course work at other accredited institutions concurrent with their enrollment at MCLA or during semesters they may be away from the College (e.g., study abroad or domestic study away programs). All such course enrollments must be approved in advance by the student’s major department and the Registrar using the Request for Off-Campus Study Approval form (or the Request for Study Away Course Approval form).

Consistent with MCLA’s transfer credit policy, students receive equivalent credit for courses in which a grade of C- or above, or its equivalent in the case of study abroad courses, is earned. Transfer grades are not included in the student’s cumulative grade point average at MCLA.

This policy also applies to students who plan to take courses off campus while on leave from MCLA or who are withdrawn from the college and are planning to apply for readmission.