Academic Catalog

Teaching Assistantship Policy

The College recognizes the value of Teaching Assistantships as an educational experience. To this end, each academic department may establish Teaching Assistantships in accordance with College policy. A student interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA) must be in good academic standing. The student must also have demonstrated competency in the subject area in which he/she will be assisting. Academic Departments offering Teaching Assistantships may specify additional requirements.

Faculty must then approve the student's involvement in the Teaching Assistantship and the student will then enroll in a department-sponsored course (1 - 3 credits, with one credit defined as 45 hr per semester) specifically designed for the Teaching Assistant experience and approved on a form signed by the student, faculty member, department chair, and Academic Dean. In this course context, a learning agreement will be developed which describes the duties, academic work and authority of the Teaching Assistant; the Office of Academic Affairs will develop a common form for all Teaching Assistantships that will include guidelines for credit and space for detailed description as well as spaces for the appropriate approval signatures. Teaching Assistantships have the option of being either letter-graded or taken as pass/fail courses. Students may apply no more than six credits as Teaching Assistants toward graduation. INDIVIDUAL DEPARTMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO USE THEIR DISCRETION REGARDING APPROPRIATE CREDIT EARNED AS WELL AS GRADING MODE.

Students enrolled in a credit-bearing Teaching Assistantship will not be eligible for College work-study funds or any form of remuneration for the conduct of work done as a Teaching Assistant. While Teaching Assistants may be allowed to review student coursework to learn about the grading process, only Faculty shall evaluate student coursework and assign grades.