Academic Catalog

Course Repeat Policy

A course may be repeated. If the course is required and the student failed the course or did not meet minimum grade requirements, the course must be repeated.

The grade earned in a repeated course replaces the original grade in the student's quality point average even if the repeated grade is lower. The grade earned each time the student took the course remains on the student's transcript. The original course will be marked on the student's transcript as "E" excluded. The newest assigned grade will be marked on the student's transcript as "I" included. The originally attempted credit is not calculated in the quality point average.

Students must complete a Repeat Course Form for each course they repeat at the time of registration.

Repeat coursework taken off-campus must be approved prior to the course being taken.

Consistent with MCLA's transfer credit policy, students receive equivalent credit for courses in which a grade of C- or above (for undergraduate courses), or its equivalent in the case of study abroad courses, is earned. Transfer grades are not included in the student's cumulative grade point average at MCLA and do not replace the original grade earned in the course at MCLA.

Repeating a course more than once may influence a student's financial aid.