Academic Catalog

Withdrawal from Course and College

W - Withdrawal from a Course - Indicates withdrawal from a course after the end of the drop period and up to 50% completion point of the course. Courses that do not run the full semester will have withdrawal deadlines that adhere to the 50% completion point. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of all deadlines for withdrawal. No withdrawals for individual courses may be made past the withdrawal deadline.

Students leaving the College must complete a Withdrawal from College form and a brief online survey. Students officially withdrawing before the first day of final examinations will receive a notation of WX in all courses. After this time, students will receive a final grade in all courses.

In adherence to best reporting practices, if a student withdraws from all individual courses during a semester, the student's record will reflect that they have withdrawn from college and must apply for readmission. This is necessary due to financial aid implications and National Student Clearinghouse reporting.

Residential Students: Please note that the Residency Occupancy Agreement states that a resident who withdraws from the College during the period covered by that Agreement must turn in keys, remove belongings, and arrange for a room inspection within 24 hours from the effective date of the withdrawal/leave. Students processing a withdrawal with an effective date on a weekend will have their meal plan deactivated on the Friday before the effective date.

Students are encouraged to meet with Student Financial Services to address any questions related to withdrawals.