Academic Catalog

Course Overload per Credit Charge Policy Overview

Students may enroll for up to 18 credit hours.  Students must secure the permission of their advisors for any credit hours over 18.  The Dean of Academic Affairs must approve any requests for credits above 21.

Effective with the fall 2019 semester, undergraduate students will be charged an additional $200 per credit beginning on their 19th credit.

This policy does not affect matriculated students that were enrolled prior to Fall 2019.

Upon a student's request, on a case-by-case basis, and upon a review of a student's financial aid, a student may be able to obtain additional alternative funding or an overload fee waiver to help with the cost of the course overload.  Students should be referred to the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Course overload approvals will be generated by Academic Affairs and circulated to the Student Accounts Office for billing and payment.