Academic Catalog

Leave of Absence


A leave of absence up to two semesters (see below note regarding nursing students) may only be granted to students who are matriculated, in good academic standing, and in good financial standing. Students taking a leave of absence are expected to discuss this decision with their academic advisor and work with their advisor to determine appropriate steps to complete their degree program.

Students must contact the Office of the Registrar if they are not returning from their leave as anticipated (by December 1 for the spring semester and by August 1 for the fall semester). A student taking a one-semester leave of absence may extend the leave for a second semester through a written request to the Registrar.

Students who do not return within two semesters (two semesters without grades) will be withdrawn from the College and will need to apply for readmission.

Students processing a leave prior to the last day of classes will have a notation of WX on their record for that semester.

Students with financial aid who take a leave of absence will be treated as a withdrawn student for financial aid purposes, based on the College Refund policy calculation. Students who have borrowed through a state and/or federal loan program will be required to complete the online exit counseling for the appropriate programs. Student loan repayment will begin six months after the date of the leave from the College. Students should check with their loan servicer for deferment eligibility once they return to school. When a student returns from leave, they may have to complete a satisfactory academic progress appeal for financial aid, depending on when their date of leave occurred. Students will be considered for aid based on the funds available at the time of their return.

Residential students: Please note that the Residency Occupancy Agreement states that a resident who withdraws from the College during the period covered by that Agreement must turn in keys, remove belongings, and arrange for a room inspection within 24 hours from the effective date of the withdrawal/leave. Students processing a leave with an effective date on a weekend will have their meal plan deactivated on the Friday before the effective date. 

Students are encouraged to meet with Student Financial Services to address any questions related to the leave of absence.

A nursing major seeking a leave of absence is advised to meet with her/his advisor to discuss the implication of a leave on their progression in the nursing curriculum and intentions for returning to the program. Due to the highly structured nature of the nursing program, nursing students will be prohibited from taking a Leave of Absence from the nursing program for a period of less than one academic year. This is necessary to allow nursing students to return from Leave at the same point within the structured curriculum