Academic Catalog

Nursing Program Admission

MCLA Nursing Program Admission Policy (in addition to MCLA Admission Standards)

Students seeking admittance to the MCLA nursing program will follow one of two paths:

  • First-year students declaring as a pre-nursing major, or
  • Matriculated students who meet the following criteria for nursing program admittance

Progression to BSN Nursing Major:
Prior to final acceptance, students must successfully complete the following courses with a final grade of C or higher to be eligible for consideration for the BSN Nursing Major. Acceptance into the BSN Nursing Major is limited, with chances increased by earning grades higher than the minimum in these courses:

  • BIOL 150 Intro to Biology I
  • CHEM 150 Intro to Chemistry I
  • BIOL 342 Anatomy & Physiology I
  • MATH 232 Statistics

Applications to the BSN Nursing Major will be opened during the fall semester.  Review of applications will begin on March 1st of the spring semester, with conditional notification upon the conclusion of the review process. Final acceptance into the BSN Nursing Major takes place at the completion of the spring semester after application.

Final acceptance decisions are based on:

  1. the highest overall grade point average (GPA) of all student applications received,
  2. a personal statement, and a
  3. letter of recommendation from an academic or professional reference.

Change of major applicants for a BSN Nursing Major will pertain to matriculated students only.

Pre-nursing students who are not accepted into the Nursing Major will be reclassified as an undeclared (UND) major and directed to meet with an advisor to discuss future steps.