Academic Catalog

Nursing Program Progression

All nursing (NURS) courses must be taken in order of the prescribed curriculum.

Nursing students must achieve a minimum grade of C or higher in each nursing (NURS) course. A final grade must be given for an incomplete grade before the start of the successive semester. Should a student withdraw or receive an insufficient grade in a course, that course can be repeated only one time. The student must achieve a grade of C or higher in the repeated course in order to progress in the nursing program.

Sophomore students must also achieve a grade of C or higher in non-nursing required courses:

  • BIOL 240: Genetics
  • BIOL 343: Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIOL 320: Microbiology
  • HLTH 210: Human Growth & Development
  • PSYC 100: Introduction to Psychology

in order to progress to all junior nursing courses.

Nursing students who receive an insufficient grade (< C) or withdraw from one nursing course will be allowed to repeat the course the next time the course is offered. Failure to achieve a grade of C or higher when the course is repeated will result in dismissal from the major.