Academic Catalog

Certificate Program Policy

In order to create and enroll students in Certificate Programs at MCLA, the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education (DGCE) will observe the following protocols.

  1. Definition of Certificate Program.
    1. A credit range of 6 - 24 credits (with most expecting to fall within 15-18).
      1. This range would give DGCE the flexibility to offer very small, quick certificates as well as develop some certificates that would align with existing MCLA minor programs.
      2. DGCE can develop certificate programs that mirror existing minor programs with 100% of coursework (matriculated students would enroll in a minor program, continuing education students would enroll in a certificate program).
  2. Who Can Enroll in a Certificate Program?
    1. MCLA matriculated and non-matriculated students can enroll in certificate programs, utilizing processes to be determined by relevant stakeholders, under the following parameters:
      1. MCLA matriculated students can only enroll in a certificate program if there is no existing minor program at MCLA (with more than 50% course overlap).
      2. MCLA matriculated students cannot “double dip” more than 50% of any course work between an existing MCLA program and a certificate program. For example, (Accounting Certificate and Accounting Concentration).
      3. Transfer credits may be applied toward certificate programs, per existing transfer credit protocols, with a minimum of 50% of required certificate credits taken at MCLA.
  3. Financial Assistance
    1. Certificate programs should be submitted to Financial Aid to pursue all available funding options to provide any and all financial assistance to potential students. (Pell grant, ISA state funding).
  4. Credit Transfer
    1. Effort will be given, following existing policies, to assure that Certificate programs will be designed with the intention that credits could be transferable toward bachelor degree attainment whenever possible.
  5. Approval process
    1. All certificate programs must be approved through the existing governance process, in coordination with academic units appropriate to the content area of the proposed new certificate program.
  6. Interdisciplinary certificate programs may be developed between multiple academic units, with one academic unit selected to serve as the “home” unit for the program.