Academic Catalog

Physical Education

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Coordinator: Peter Hoyt, Ph.D.

The charge of a liberal arts education includes opportunities for intellectual, physical and spiritual development. The physical education program is housed within the Department of Biology. It is designed to encourage lifelong physical well-being and provides opportunities for leadership and collaboration.

The program courses offer students the opportunity to experience various forms of lifetime physical and recreation activities. These activities emphasize one or more of the different components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, coordination, skill acquisition and weight loss. These serve as a foundation for a healthy, physically active lifestyle and inform effective choices concerning the value and place of lifetime physical activity.  

Sport Coaching

The Physical Education program offers courses that support the minor program in sport coaching. This is an integrative program that includes coursework from the Department of Biology, the Health Science program and the Physical Education program. Please refer to the Biology section of the catalog for more information regarding these programs.

PHED 103 Swimming1 cr

Designed for the non-swimmer wishing to learn to swim and swimmers looking to improve their swimming skills. Swimming as a lifelong health/fitness activity is stressed.

PHED 108 Community First Aid and Safety1 cr

Provides instruction in basic first aid and CPR for the adult, child and infant. Red Cross certification is provided upon successful completion.

Attributes: Additional Fees Apply (FEE)  
PHED 109 Scuba2 cr

Introduces the skills of scuba diving. Successful completion of this course leads to certification in NAUI, a worldwide diving organization.

Attributes: Additional Fees Apply (FEE)  
PHED 110 Fundamentals of Tennis1 cr

Instructs students in the fundamentals of tennis and game play.

PHED 113 Fundamentals of Beginning Badminton1 cr

Provides the opportunity to learn skills and strategy of racket sports, specifically badminton.

PHED 120 Emergency Medical Response1 cr

Provides instruction in professional rescuer CPR, AED, and first aid for the adult, child, and infant. American Red Cross certification is provided upon successful completion.

Attributes: Additional Fees Apply (FEE)  
PHED 125 Fundamentals of Golf1 cr

Introduces students to the game of golf. Provides basic instruction in a good golf swing and the following: putting, chipping, iron and wood shots.

PHED 132 Fitness for Life1 cr

Provides instruction in the components of physical fitness: flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. Stress management and nutrition are also discussed.

PHED 144 Aikido1 cr

Focuses on an understanding of the principles of Aikido, a Japanese martial art. Focus is placed upon mastery of the fundamentals of the art to an extent that the student will be able to apply correct stance, falling and rolling techniques, and proper distance during the practice of self-defense.

PHED 146 Self Defense for Women1 cr

Focuses on awareness and avoidance of a possible attack. Students will learn to punch and kick properly along with basic self defense hands techniques. This is a beginner's course in self-defense.

Attributes: Women Gender Sexuality Studies (WMST)  
PHED 147 Fundamentals of Yoga1 cr

Teaches the basic Hatha Yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

PHED 150 Special Topics in Physical Education1-2 cr

Introduces students to a variety of physical education activities. Activities vary according to teaching staff and student needs.

Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
PHED 160 Strength and Conditioning1 cr

Designed for students to learn and practice techniques of conditioning as it relates to sport. Testing and training techniques for strength, power, speed, endurance, flexibility and agility will be emphasized.

PHED 200 Exercise Injury Prevention and Care3 cr

Explores fundamental principles of exercise safety, injury risk management and emergency care. Involves the study of orthopedic injury, environmental illness, eating disorder and concussion. Certification of CPR/AED and first aid for the adult, child and infant is provided upon completion of the course. Extra course fee required.

Attributes: Additional Fees Apply (FEE)  
PHED 215 Lifetime Wellness3 cr

Helps students develop a set of health behaviors that constitute what is generally considered to be a high energy lifestyle. These behaviors stress responsibility for one's health. Areas covered are physical fitness, nutrition and weight control, stress management, substance abuse, sexually transmitted disease and chronic disease.

Attributes: Core Health and Wellness (CHW)  
PHED 300 Fundamentals of Coaching3 cr

Facilitates an understanding of sport coaching based on fundamental principles that appropriately guide coaching behaviors. Involves the study and professional development of aspects related to sport coaching, including but limited to: leadership, sportsmanship, legal aspects, ethics, psychosocial aspects, interscholastic rules, organization and administrative aspects.

Prerequisite: Sophomore status  
PHED 395 Special Topics in Physical Education1-3 cr

Explores a specific aspect related to physical education, athletics, coaching or sports medicine. Content identifiable by subtitle.

Prerequisite: Department approval  
Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
PHED 500 Independent Study1-3 cr

Open to juniors and seniors who wish to study a topic in depth. Written reports and frequent conferences with the advisor are required.

Prerequisite: Junior/senior status, department approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 12 credits  
PHED 540 Internship in Sport Coaching3 cr

Provides hands-on experience in the field of sports coaching. Students will utilize acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in various aspects of coaching in a sports-related environment. Requires 135 on-site hours. Graded on Pass/Fail basis.

Prerequisite: PHED 200 and PHED 300