Academic Catalog

Incomplete Policy Contract/Grade Policy

The grade of Incomplete is a temporary grade which may be reported only when a portion of the course work, as clearly indicated in the course outline or syllabus, has not been completed because of the necessary absence of the student or other reason equally satisfactory to the instructor. Incomplete grades are given at the discretion of an instructor. If an instructor is willing to grant an incomplete, then the student must have completed at least two-thirds (2/3) of the course work with a passing grade in order to be considered for an Incomplete. The grade of Incomplete is never guaranteed, and students should not assume that they will be granted an Incomplete grade for a course unconditionally.

Students wishing to pursue an Incomplete grade must first discuss the option with both their academic advisor and instructor of the course for which they are requesting the incomplete. If the student, academic advisor, and instructor agree that an Incomplete is appropriate, then the instructor will initiate an Incomplete Contract that will be signed by both the student and the instructor. The Contract will specify the nature of the course work to be completed before the deadline agreed upon in the contract (no later than six (6) weeks into the next semester).

Incomplete Contracts must be submitted within semester grading submission deadlines.

The course work must be completed by a date to be determined by the instructor, said date not to exceed six weeks after the start of the following semester. The "I" is then changed to an appropriate permanent letter grade, or a grade of "F".

Any student with a grade of "I" will miss the deadline for Dean's List designation making that student ineligible for the Dean's List for that semester.