Academic Catalog

Student Success Check-In and Midterm Grading Policy

I. Student Success Check-In

Faculty will complete a student success check-in by the end of the third week of class each semester. For each student this check-in will be part of an integrated, defined mechanism to communicate and document faculty concerns of students to student academic resources (including, but not limited to, the student’s academic advisor, the Office of Academic Advising & Support, and the MCLA CARE team) regarding a student’s academic progress, attendance, and physical and/or mental wellbeing. These alerts can then be used by student support services to reach out and assist students earlier in a semester to promote overall student well-being and to ensure successful completion of coursework.

II. Midterm Grading Policy

Faculty will submit grade alerts (“C-” through “F”) on all students enrolled in their courses to the Registrar at the midpoint of each semester as published on the academic calendar. Midterm grade alerts will be posted at least one week before the last day to withdraw without penalty ("W") from courses. The Registrar will provide a list of all students receiving midterm warnings (“D” and “F”) to relevant offices on campus that would provide follow-up and support for students as needed (including, but not limited to, Academic Advising & Support, Students Affairs, and Residential Life).