Academic Catalog

Biology - Pre-Medical Professions Concentration, B.S.

The Pre-Medical Professions concentration serves students interested in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. The course sequence in this concentration provides the foundational knowledge necessary to score well on the MCAT and GRE and to succeed in a variety of professional programs.

BIOL 101Biology Seminar for Majors1
BIOL 150Introduction to Biology I: Cells4
BIOL 160Introduction to Biology II: Organisms4
BIOL 240Genetics4
BIOL 302Applied Statistics in Biology1
BIOL 320Microbiology4
BIOL 342Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 343Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 360Biochemistry3
BIOL 480Cell & Molecular Biology4
Biology Upper Level Elective3
CHEM 150Introduction to Chemistry I4
CHEM 152Introduction to Chemistry II4
CHEM 201Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 202Organic Chemistry II4
PHYS 131General Physics I4
PHYS 132General Physics II4
MATH 232/232HIntroduction to Statistics3
Total Hours63