Academic Catalog

Education - Elementary Education, B.S.

The Elementary Education degree familiarizes students with key issues, techniques, and concepts related to the contemporary education, and includes opportunities for students to develop and examine their role as teachers in creating liberated and democratic places of learning through care and relationship building. Throughout the Education coursework, students are provided opportunities to learn about the importance of relationship-building and then to gain practice developing their skills through field-based experiences. One of the critical facets of this program is the opportunity to engage in supported field-based experiences. Students in the program participate in a series of three semester long field-based experiences, intended to build their capacity and knowledge base over time. These field-based experiences also provide a direct opportunity to apply ideas they have learned across their coursework to the practice of teaching in an Elementary classroom. As part of the degree, students will obtain a Massachusetts Initial teaching license in Elementary (Grades 1-6), allowing them to teach in public school classrooms and settings. 

CCSS 269Education and Society3
EDUC 324Teaching Math/Science K-83
EDUC 338Reading and Language Arts (ECHE/ELEM)3
EDUC 340Field Placement I2
EDUC 341Field Placement II ECHE/ELEM2
EDUC 404Sheltered English Instruction ECHE/ELEM3
EDUC 412Curriculum and Instruction ELEM3
EDUC 420Classroom Management/Teaching Strategies (ECHE & ELEM)3
EDUC 430Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom3
EDUC 570Student Teaching Practicum 1-69
EDUC 571Student Teaching Seminar ELEM3
Subject Matter Knowledge Requirements 142
Total Hours79

 All Subject Matter Knowledge (SMK) courses required for the license must also be completed.  A list of all SMK courses is kept and maintained by the Coordinator of Curriculum and the Education Department and is incorporated into each student's degree audit (Degree Works), dependent upon their individual combination of programs.