Academic Catalog

Music, Industry and Production, B.A.

Arts Management Foundation
AMGT 130Introduction to Arts Management3
AMGT 235Fundamentals of Arts and Culture Organizations3
or AMGT 235H Honors: Fundamentals of Arts and Culture
AMGT 340Performing Arts Management3
AMGT 355Artist Entrepreneurship3
Music Foundation
MUSI 100Introduction to Music3
MUSI 120Piano I3
MUSI 159Music Theory I4
MUSI 175Home Studio Recording3
MUSI 259Music Theory II4
MUSI 351Topics in Music History3
MUSI 359Music Theory III3
MUSI 459Music Theory IV3
Performance, Composition, and Production12
Private Lessons (1 cr. per semester, max. 3 crs. toward major)
Private Lessons
Private Lessons
Piano II
Instrumental Ensembles (max 3 crs. toward elective)
Vocal Ensembles
Composing with Software
Advanced Studio Recording/Live Sound
Music Production Film
Community Arts and Education
Honors: Community Arts Education
Advanced Performing Arts Management
Community Engagement in Arts & Culture
Internship in Arts & Culture
World Music
Instrumental Ensembles (max 3 crs. toward electives)
Vocal Ensembles
Topics in Music History
Teaching Assistantship
Independent Study
Total Hours56