Academic Catalog

Physics, B.S.

Physics Major Requirements

The physics program requires students to complete particular courses to meet their core curriculum requirements and to satisfy prerequisites for physics courses or to provide evidence of competency in these areas.

MATH 150Precalculus3
MATH 220Calculus I3
MATH 320Calculus II3
MATH 330Calculus III3
MATH 380Differential Equations3
or MATH 430 Calculus IV
PHYS 151Introduction to Mechanics4
PHYS 200Seminar for Physics Majors1
PHYS 251Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism4
PHYS 252Introduction to Waves, Optics, and Relativity4
PHYS 301Classical Mechanics3
PHYS 303Electricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 305Electronics3
PHYS 351Modern Physics4
PHYS 361Mathematical Physics3
PHYS 401Advanced Physics Laboratory I3
PHYS 402Advanced Physics Laboratory II3
PHYS 471Quantum Mechanics3
Select three Physics courses 300 level or higher9
Total Hours62