Academic Catalog

Anthropology Minor

The anthropology minor allows students to explore a range of areas in anthropology or to concentrate in cultural/ethnographic studies or in applied/medical anthropology. The minor in anthropology requires eighteen credit hours, at least fifteen credit hours of which must be earned in classroom courses. (A sociology major completing the anthropology minor may apply only ANTH 130 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology or ANTH 240 Peoples of the World to both programs.)

ANTH 130/130HIntroduction to Sociocultural Anthropology3
ANTH 240Peoples of the World3
Select four elective courses of the following:12
Anthropology of Refugees and Displacement
Global Health
Community Health
Culture and Conflict in Africa
Children and Culture
Culture, Health and Illness
Disability and Culture
Politics of Culture
Gender Roles and Culture
Culture, Power and Protest
Gender and Health
Special Topics in Anthropology
Advanced Special Topics in Anthropology
Teaching Assistant in Anthropology
Independent Study
Research Assistant
Anthropology Internship
Culture and the Body
Total Hours18

Note: Students may elect to do an ANTH Independent Study, Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship or Internship as one of the Anthropology Minor Electives.