Academic Catalog

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor

WGSS 201Introduction to Women Gender and Sexuality Studies3
Fifteen elective credits in courses designated Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from at least two different departments, nine of which must be 300 level or above15
Total Hours18

 Elective Courses

ANTH 240Peoples of the World3
ANTH 330Children and Culture3
ANTH 365Gender Roles and Culture3
ANTH 380Gender and Health3
ARTH 311Topics in Art History3
BIOL 395Special Topics in Biology (when applicable)1-4
BADM 390Managing Workplace Diversity (when applicable)3
CCHH 210American Women Regionalist Writers3
CCHH 230Introduction to Latinx Studies3
CCSS 268Culture and the Body3
ENGL 313Global Anglophone Language and Literature3
ENGL 381African American Literature3
ENGL 388Visions and Voices: American Ethnic Literature and Art3
ENGL 392Queer Identity in Contemporary Literature3
ENGL 397Special Topics in Film (when applicable)3
ENGL 441Special Topics in Literature (when applicable)3
HIST 320Topics in United States History (when applicable)3
IDST 350World History in Contexts (when applicable - World of Work)3
IDST 360Topics in Culture and Society (when applicable)3
PHIL 385Special Topics in Philosophy (Women & Philosophy)3
PHIL 485Special Topics in Philosophy (Ethics & Gender)3
PHED 146Self Defense for Women1
POSC 308Women and Politics3
POSC/SOWK 340Inequality and Social Policy3
PSYC 355Human Sexuality3
PSYC 356Psychology of Gender3
PSYC 357Psychology of Women3
PSYC 495Special Topics in Psychology (when applicable)3
PSYC 499Advanced Seminar in Psychology (when applicable)3
SOCI 210Families3
SOCI 305Latinas in US Society3
SOCI 360Women, Movies, and MTV (music television)3
SOCI 395Special Topics in Sociology (when applicable)3
SOCI 410Sociology of Education3
SOWK 340Inequality and Social Policy3
SOWK 405Poverty and Place3
SOWK 443Casework with Couples and Families3
SOWK 475Family Violence3
SPAN 390Special Topics in Hispanic Literature and Film (when applicable)3
WGSS 202Feminist Theory3
WGSS 395Special Topics in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 500Independent Study1-3