Academic Catalog

Health Sciences - Sports Medicine Concentration, B.S.

The concentration in Sports Medicine includes standard prerequisite courses for M.S. programs in Athletic Training and other sport-related fields such as Exercise Science.

BIOL 101Biology Seminar for Majors1
or HLTH 195 Special Topics in Health Studies
BIOL 150Introduction to Biology I: Cells4
BIOL 240Genetics4
BIOL 250Nutrition3
BIOL 302Applied Statistics in Biology1
BIOL 320Microbiology4
BIOL 342Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 343Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 440Exercise Physiology4
BIOL 484Biomechanics3
CHEM 150Introduction to Chemistry I4
CHEM 152Introduction to Chemistry II4
HLTH 100Clinical Observation1
HLTH 210/210HHuman Growth and Development3
MATH 232/232HIntroduction to Statistics3
PHYS 131General Physics I4
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology3
Total Hours54