Academic Catalog

Cross-Cultural & Social Justice Minor

The cross-cultural and social justice minor encourages students to make a difference in an increasingly diverse, complex, and unequal world. Students enrolled in the minor will study and analyze issues around social and environmental justice, marginalization, and (in)equality in local, cross-cultural, and global contexts. This includes the study of social change, social movements, and conceptualizations of a more just society and world.

IDST 150Introduction to Cross-Cultural & Social Justice Studies3
Lower-Level Electives6
Upper-Level Electives9
Total Hours18


Courses must be selected from at least two different disciplines, with no more than nine credits from one discipline, and no more than six credits at the upper level from one discipline.

Lower Level Electives

Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology (OR ANTH 240)
Topics in Human Heritage 1
Introduction to Latinx Studies
Introduction to American Ethnic Studies
IDST 250-259 2
Introduction to Sociology (OR SOCI 201)

Upper Level Electives

Anthropology of Refugees and Displacement
Global Health
Culture and Conflict in Africa
Culture, Health and Illness
Culture, Power and Protest
Special Topics in Anthropology (not more than one)
Managing Workplace Diversity
Global Issues in Communication
Intercultural Communication
Global Anglophone Language and Literature
African American Literature (OR ENGL 392 OR ENGL 387 OR ENGL 441) 4
Topics in Asian History (OR HIST 330 OR HIST 340 or HIST 350)
Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies 2
Business Ethics
IDST 350-369 2
Environmental Ethics
Contemporary Moral Issues
Social and Political Philosophy
Special Topics in Philosophy 5
Constitutional Law
Topics in Global Political Science 6
Latin American Politics and Society
The Politics of War and Conflict
Inequality and Social Policy
Inequality and Social Policy
Global Development
Latinas in US Society
Race and Ethnic Relations
Special Topics in Sociology (not more than one) 2
Social Stratification
Community Organizing
Special Topics in Social Work 7
Hispanic Literature in Context
Special Topics in Hispanic Literature and Film (not more than one)

With the approval of the Cross-Cultural & Social Justice minor coordinator, students may obtain credits for taking other classes offered across campus, provided these classes relate to issues of cross-cultural & social justice studies.