Academic Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies (Pre-Designed) - American Studies Area of Concentration, B.A.

IDST 150Introduction to Cross-Cultural & Social Justice Studies3
Select one Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies course within the IDST 250-259 range 13
IDST 280Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Studies Major and Degree Plan1
IDST 320Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies3
Select two upper level electives within the IDST 350-369 range 2, 36
IDST 401Senior Seminar3
ENGL 207Introduction to American Ethnic Studies3
Select three lower level Intersections in American Culture and Society courses (from at least 2 disciplines) of the following:9
Introduction to Latinx Studies
Schools, the Law and Society
Education and Society
Introduction to Mass Media
Nature of New England
United States History to 1877 (OR HIST 114 OR HIST 240)
United States Government
Select two upper level History and English courses (at least one from each discipline) of the following:6
ENGL 365-ENGL 380:Texts in Contexts (American Theme) 4
ENGL 381-ENGL 384:Diverse Voices in American Culture 5
American Literary Survey
Topics in United States History (American Immigration and Ethnicity)
Select four upper level Comparative United States Ethnic Studies courses (from at least 2 disciplines) chosen in consultation with advisor12
Total Hours49