Academic Catalog

Mathematics - Mathematics Education Concentration, B.S.

MATH 220Calculus I3
MATH 240Proof I3
MATH 261Linear Algebra3
MATH 270Statistics and Data Analysis4
MATH 301Math for Middle and High School Educators3
MATH 310Proof II3
MATH 320Calculus II3
MATH 330Calculus III3
MATH 344Geometry3
MATH 372History of Mathematics3
MATH 430Calculus IV3
PHYS 151Introduction to Mechanics4
Select one course to satisfy Area I:3
Number Theory
Abstract Algebra
Select one course to satisfy Area II3
Differential Equations
Numerical Analysis
Complex Variables
Real Analysis
Select one course in applied math or math modeling3
Math Modeling for Educators
Probability and Statistics I
Graph Theory
Mathematical Modeling
Operations Research
Financial Mathematics
Select one of the following computer programming courses:3
Programming in Java I
Programming in C#
other computer programming course
One additional mathematics elective, 300 level or above3
Total Hours53