Academic Catalog

Political Science - Pre-Law Concentration, B.A.

The political science major pre-law concentration involves coursework and advising tailored to the needs and goals of students considering a career as a lawyer or in a related field. It includes taking courses that provide exposure to legal concepts and issues and emphasize the research, speaking, writing, and thinking skills most important in legal professions. It also includes a required legal internship to help students gain practical experience and fine-tune their professional and academic goals.

POSC 110Introduction to Political Science Major Seminar1
POSC 201United States Government3
POSC 202Comparative Government3
POSC 210Political Science Research and Methods4
POSC 215Topics in Political Science3
HIST 113United States History to 18773
HIST 114United States History after 18773
6 credits from any 400-level POSC courses6
POSC 450Career Readiness Workshop1
POSC 540Internship in Political Science (must be related to legal profession)3
PHIL 200Logic and Critical Reasoning3
or PHIL 200H Honors: Logic and Critical Reasoning
POSC 304Constitutional Law3
POSC 313American Political Institutions3
6 credits chosen from:6
Business Law I
Environmental Law
Honors: Environmental Law
Topics in United States Political Science
Model United Nations
Seminar in Political Science
Independent Study
ELECTIVE REQUIREMENTS - No more than 6 Non-POSC credits can be applied9
AREA 1 - minimum of 3 credits
Politics & the News Media
Campaigns and Elections
State and Local Politics
Women and Politics
Topics in United States Political Science
Political Psychology
Inequality and Social Policy
Inequality and Social Policy
AREA 2 - minimum of 3 credits
Topics in Global Political Science
Latin American Politics and Society
The Politics of War and Conflict
Political Economy
Seminar in Political Science
US Foreign Policy
Independent Study
Internship in Political Science
AREA 3 - maximum of 3 credits
Introduction to Statistics
Honors: Introduction to Statistics
Social and Political Philosophy
Model United Nations
Independent Study ( if topic is not pre-law)
Teaching Assistant in Political Science
Total Hours54