Academic Catalog

Political Science, B.A.

POSC 201United States Government3
POSC 202Comparative Government3
POSC 210Political Science Research and Methods3
Select two of the following:6
Modern World Civilization
United States History to 1877
United States History after 1877
Upper Level Requirements
POSC 450Career and ePortfolio Workshop1
POSC 400-level Elective3
POSC 540Internship in Political Science3
Select 24 credits from the following:24
Area I (minimum of three credits required)
Politics & the News Media
Campaigns and Elections
Constitutional Law
State and Local Politics
Women and Politics
American Political Institutions
Topics in United States Political Science
Political Psychology
Inequality and Social Policy
Area II (minimum of six credits required)
Topics in Global Political Science
Latin American Politics and Society
The Politics of War and Conflict
Political Economy
Model United Nations
Area III (maximum of six credits toward 24 credit requirement)
Politics and Environmental Policy
Environmental Law
Introduction to Statistics
Social and Political Philosophy
Independent Study
Teaching Assistant in Political Science
Internship in Political Science (in addition to required three credit internship)
Total Hours46