Academic Catalog

Leadership Minor

The Leadership Minor provides students with the opportunity to combine campus and community services with leadership studies in order to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for assuming leadership positions in our increasingly interconnected world. The minor has three phases: Introduction, Theory, and Application.

Students graduating with a minor in Leadership will be able to:

  1. Understand traditional and emergent leadership theories
  2. Apply leadership theory to practice
  3. Develop, implement, and assess plans for continually improving their leadership skills and abilities
Introductory Course - Select One3
Introduction to Leadership
Theoretical Courses (Select four electives, three must be 300 level or higher, two must be outside students' major area of study) 112
Arts and Culture Leadership
Organizational Behavior
Team Facilitation
Managing Workplace Diversity
Special Topics in Business Administration (as appropriate)
Public Relations
Reacting to the Past
Topics in Culture and Society (as appropriate)
Fundamentals of Coaching
Business Ethics
American Political Institutions
Topics in United States Political Science (as appropriate)
Topics in Global Political Science (as appropriate)
Political Psychology
Social Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Community Organizing
Application Course - Select one 23
Community Engagement in Arts & Culture
Advanced Leadership
Honors: Advanced Leadership
Capstone Seminar: (Service Leadership)
Leadership Practicum
Leadership Internship 3
Special Topics in Psychology (as appropriate)
Total Hours18

Note:  With the approval of the Leadership Minor Coordinator, students may obtain elective credit for taking other classes, provided they relate to leadership studies.


Note: With the approval of the Leadership Minor Coordinator, students may obtain Application Course Credit for a 400-level course, provided it has a significant leadership component.


Note: Students may use an internship in another department in place of LEAD 540 provided that they can demonstrate to the Leadership Minor Coordinator that their on-site work and educational experiential objectives contain a significant leadership component.  Students may take any combination of 1-3 credit internships and practica to add to a total of 3 credits.  Students may take no more than one internship or practicum per semester.