Academic Catalog

Computer Science - Information Technology Concentration, B.S.

CSCI 101First Year Computer Science Seminar3
CSCI 121Programming in Java I3
or CSCI 246 Programming in C#
CSCI 122Programming in Java II3
or CSCI 248 Programming in C# II
CSCI 210Networking Theory and Administration I3
CSCI 211Networking Theory and Administration II3
CSCI 235Digital Circuit Design3
CSCI 236Web Development3
CSCI 243Database Development3
CSCI 302Computer Triage3
CSCI 330Programming in C++3
CSCI 343Full Stack Development3
CSCI 360Network Security I3
CSCI 363Network Security II3
CSCI 390Junior Seminar1
CSCI 461Senior Project3
CSCI 462Senior Seminar1
MATH 250Discrete Mathematics3
COMM 306Business Writing and Presentation3
Select any MATH elective level 200 or higher3
Total Hours53