Academic Catalog

English - Literature Concentration, B.A.

Foundation Courses24
Department Electives6
ENGL 349Critical Reading3
ENGL 351William Shakespeare3
Select two literature survey courses (in addition to one foundation course) from the following:6
Global Anglophone Language and Literature
British Literary Survey
American Literary Survey
World Literary Survey
Select two literature electives at the 300 level or above:6
Global Anglophone Language and Literature
Literature and Society
Hybrid Poetics
Hawthorne and Melville
John Steinbeck
Travel Writing
Reading the Graphic Novel
The Beat Generation
The Age of Milton
The American Renaissance
Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain
Literature and the Environment
Civil War in Literature and Film
Novel in Context
African American Literature
Contemporary American Literature:
Queer Identity in Contemporary Literature
Faulkner and the Global South
Special Topics in Literature
Teaching Assistantship in English/Communications
Independent Study
Internship in English
Total Hours48