Academic Catalog

Creative Arts (CCCA)

CCCA 101 Creative Arts: Methods and History3 cr

What are the creative arts? How are they made, by whom and why? What are some major examples of the arts? The course will attempt to answer these questions through an interdisciplinary study of the eight arts (pictures, sculpture, music, theatre, film, dance, architecture and literature) and their relation to society in the past, in the present and in the varieties of world civilizations.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA)  
CCCA 102 The Art of Madness3 cr

Examines myths and realities of madness from the perspective of the creative arts (e.g., art, literature, film, poetry). Explores a variety of artistic forms from the viewpoint of the artist and observer in studying the dimensions of maladaptive traits and behaviors. Emphasis is on critical thinking and analysis of the subject matter, the creator and the artistic medium within which it is portrayed.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA)  
CCCA 110 Topics in Creative Arts3 cr

Examines fundamental concepts regarding the relationship of the individual to the creative arts. Topics will vary by semester and be identified by subtitle.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA)  
Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
CCCA 202 The Good Earth: The Theme of Agrarianism3 cr

Studies agrarian themes and their importance by surveying literature, music, paintings, and photography. Focuses on artistic perceptions of the earth and human relationships to it. Explores agrarian traditions, values and beliefs. Includes a study of agrarian social, political and economic issues.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA), Environmental Studies (ENVI)  
CCCA 203 Inventing Modernism3 cr

Surveys art works from this dominant twentieth century philosophy and arts movement by considering how its values and aesthetic ideals shaped film, painting, communication, fashion, theatre and architecture. Investigates such thinkers and artists as Freud, Gropius, Klimt and Schiele.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA)  
CCCA 205 Popular Hollywood Films: 1950s3 cr

Uses the basic concepts and insights of the creative arts to examine the ways in which American popular film of the 1950s incorporates ideas and societal reality into its modes of representation. Explores the relationships between American films and American popular culture.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA)  
CCCA 206 Rumi's Vision3 cr

Studies the poetry, life, and times of the great 13th century Sufi mystic, Jelaluddin Rumi. This is a course for students who want to expand their horizons and explore a view of reality that is not based on secular materialism. Because of excellent modern translations, Rumi is rapidly becoming one of the most relevant and powerful poets of our time.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA)  
CCCA 207 Children's Literature: A Lively Art3 cr

Develops a critical understanding of the verbal and visual art of children's literature. Reflects major stories of world art and literature through two centuries of English language publications. Includes novels, short stories (including folk tales) and picture books. Readings will be placed in historical, cultural and literary contexts, with emphasis on techniques of writing and publishing, as well as pedagogical philosophies.

Attributes: Child & Family Studies Minor (C&FS), Core Creative Arts (CCA)  
CCCA 209 Contemporary American Poetry and The Times3 cr

Covers American Poetry from the 1950s to the present and focuses on how American poetry reflected the cultural and political life in the United States from 1956 into the next millennium. Areas covered will be; poetry's connection with the other arts (particularly music and the visual arts), poetry and politics, poetry and race, and the resurgence of the oral tradition. Students will compose their own poems in order to better understand the creative process.

Attributes: Core Creative Arts (CCA)