Academic Catalog

Modern Language (MODL)

MODL 100 Introduction to Language3 cr

Investigates the nature of language, its function, history and relationship to other aspects of human physical, social, psychological and cultural development. Covers phonetics, phonemics, syntax language acquisition, dialects, language change, discourse analysis, nonverbal and animal communication, language in society and other topics.

MODL 101 Elementary Language I:3 cr

Introduces spoken and written foreign language emphasizing comprehension and communication. Classroom time devoted to speaking and listening, and some reading. Vocabulary presented in meaningful contexts. First half of a one-year course. Intended for those at the absolute beginner level.

Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
MODL 102 Special Topics in Modern Language3 cr

Examines fundamental concepts regarding the relationship of the individual to language and culture. Topics will vary by semester and be identified by subtitle.

Attributes: Language Arts (CLA)  
Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
MODL 495 Teaching Assistantship in Modern Language3 cr

Gives modern language students the opportunity to aid in the teaching of lower- and upper-division courses. This course will help prepare students who wish to pursue careers in the teaching of foreign languages. This course will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

Prerequisite: Instructor approval, 3 semester hours in MODL  
Repeatable: Maximum of 6 credits  
MODL 500 Independent Study1-3 cr

Open to juniors and seniors who wish to read in a given area or to study a topic in depth. Written reports and frequent conferences with the advisor are required.

Prerequisite: Junior/senior status, department approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 12 credits