Academic Catalog

Human Heritage (CCHH)

CCHH 101 Utopian Visions Fact and Fiction3 cr

Involves a study of Utopian visions of the past and present, both real and imaginary, and connects these visions to four major American protest movements. Incorporates sources ranging from the Declaration of Independence to the songs of Bob Dylan.

Attributes: Core Human Heritage (CHH)  
CCHH 110 Topics in Human Heritage3 cr

Examines fundamental concepts regarding the relationship of the individual to humanity's shared heritage. Topics will vary by semester and be identified by subtitle.

Attributes: Core Human Heritage (CHH)  
Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
CCHH 210 American Women Regionalist Writers3 cr

Studies the texts of mid-to-late 19th century women regional writers in their historical, political and social contexts. Students will read extensively in both primary and secondary texts of the period to heighten their understanding of how it is that literary history is both shaped and understood, as well as how these particular women writers resisted the then mainstream prescription for an American literary project.

Attributes: Core Human Heritage (CHH), Women Gender Sexuality Studies (WMST)  
CCHH 220 Popular History and Biography3 cr

Examines history in non-fiction prose works intended for a broad audience of intelligent but not expert readers. It looks at the kind and value of information in primary sources, and how secondary sources document them. Primary sources may include letters, diaries, memoirs, speeches, still and moving photographs, drawings, certificates, posters, maps to help distinguish the different kinds of information revealed in secondary sources.

Attributes: Core Human Heritage (CHH)  
CCHH 221 Divine Witness3 cr

Explores the history of revelation as a fundamental way of knowing. Reviews important moments in history when divine witness played a part in shaping civilizations or altering the prevailing sense of reality. Features readings from a variety of texts drawn from many spiritual and esoteric traditions.

Attributes: Core Human Heritage (CHH)  
CCHH 223 The Great Depression3 cr

Examines the historical, sociological, philosophical, literary and other aspects of the great American depression of the 1930s. Examines the cause and effect of change and persistence during a time of national crisis. Readings are first-hand accounts, documentaries, narratives and explanatory fiction.

Attributes: Core Human Heritage (CHH)  
CCHH 230 Introduction to Latinx Studies3 cr

Examines the United States, and the histories, cultures, and experiences of Americans of Latin American ancestry. Latinx studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that explores the politics, health, representation, and practices of people from Latin American and Caribbean heritage living in the United States. Latinx studies offers a lens through which we can better understand connections between diverse Latinx groups as well as the differences that may come between them.

Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ), Core Human Heritage (CHH), Women Gender Sexuality Studies (WMST)