Academic Catalog

Leadership (LEAD)

LEAD 200 Introduction to Leadership3 cr

Describes and compares major leadership theories along with current applications and case examples. Also examines issues of ethics, power, teams and women in leadership. Each student will be involved in a service/leadership and reflection experience throughout the semester which will develop their leadership skills, and identify the student's own leadership philosophy and style.

LEAD 395 Leadership Practicum1-3 cr

Engages students in leadership and/or service experiences either on or off campus and meets weekly for instructor-led supervision, which comprises the presentation of selected reading topics (e.g. team building) and reflection activities (e.g. journal discussion) in a small group setting.

Prerequisite: Instructor approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 3 credits  
LEAD 540 Leadership Internship1-3 cr

Offers students field experience that actively and extensively draws upon the leadership concepts, principles, and skills. The internship must include a strong writing component in which the student interprets their field experience with reference to their leadership.

Prerequisite: Leadership Minor, junior status, Leadership Minor Coordinator approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 15 credits