Academic Catalog

Spanish (SPAN)

SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I3 cr

Introduces spoken and written Spanish, emphasizing comprehension and communication. Classroom time devoted primarily to listening, speaking and some reading. Vocabulary presented and illustrated in meaningful contexts. Lab assignments provide practice in writing, as well as additional opportunities to hear and read Spanish. First half of a one-year course; intended for those who have no prior experience with Spanish. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II3 cr

Reviews first-semester Spanish and continues the comprehension and oral communication begun in Spanish 101. Intended for those who have already experienced a basic Spanish course. Conducted in Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPAN 101 or equivalent  
Attributes: Language Arts (CLA)  
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I3 cr

Reviews first-year college Spanish (or high-school equivalent) with a view toward building competence and confidence in students who have been exposed to the basics of the language. Exploration of selected themes in modern Hispanic society, as well as intensive exercises in the oral and written language. Readings, discussions and brief essays on topics related to Hispanic culture. Conducted in Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPAN 102  
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II3 cr

Continues Spanish 201. Additionally, through the reading of varied texts of wide appeal and interest, students become acquainted with the literature and life experiences of Spanish-speaking peoples. Exploring such elements as the literary content, themes, figures of speech and tone of a text, students are assigned written work of a descriptive or interpretive nature based on such textual aspects of the works studied and discussed. Conducted in Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPAN 201 or equivalent  
SPAN 300 Spanish Conversation3 cr

Focuses on the practice of spoken language. Students perfect oral communication skills by practicing idioms and conversational courtesies and improve understanding of spoken language.

Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent  
SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition3 cr

Reinforces students' ability to express themselves in Spanish, both verbally and in writing. Develops students' awareness of complex syntactical structures, and emphasizes skills in composition and advanced reading comprehension. Conducted in Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent  
SPAN 310 Hispanic Civilization3 cr

Provides a general survey of the history of Spain in the broader context of Mediterranean civilization through the colonial period. Looks at the present-day experience of Hispanics in the United States in the light of the past. Readings, discussions, written summaries, oral reports, brief essays and written examinations. Conducted in Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent  
SPAN 370 Hispanic Literature in Context3 cr

Discusses the artistic implications of Iberoamerican literature and develops basic techniques of critical reading and textual analysis. Also reviews literary notions and genres. The reading selection is aimed at fostering class discussion, and provides additional insight for the examination and the interpretation of texts. Conducted in Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent  
Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ)  
SPAN 390 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature and Film3 cr

Studies a specific aspect or period of Spanish literature and/or film in depth. Designed to provide advanced work in analysis, interpretation and research in selected areas of study. Course topic is identified by subtitle and may include areas such as Spanish and Latin American Cinema, Postmodernism in the Hispanic World and Contemporary Spanish Poetry. This course is conducted in Spanish (unless otherwise noted) and may be repeated when different topics are offered.

Prerequisite: SPAN 300, SPAN 301  
Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ)  
Repeatable: Unlimited Credits