Academic Catalog

Sociology (SOCI)

SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology3 cr

Introduces the history, major concepts, and methods of sociology. Examines elements of social organization, sociological analysis of groups and relationships between major institutions of society. Emphasizes the idea of the sociological imagination and its application to contemporary issues.

Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ), Core Self & Society (CSS)  
SOCI 201 Social Problems3 cr

Studies problems and disorganization in modern industrial society such as: poverty, racism, sexism, environmental pollution, militarism and family issues.

Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ), Core Self & Society (CSS)  
SOCI 201H Honors: Social Problems3 cr

Studies problems and disorganization in modern industrial society such as: poverty, racism, sexism, environmental pollution, militarism, and family issues.

Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ), Core Self & Society (CSS), Honors Program (HONR)  
SOCI 210 Families3 cr

Explores contemporary American families (the forms they take, the functions they serve, the problems they face) within the context of families of other historical time periods, and other cultures. Presents an interdisciplinary examination of topics such as: gender roles, marriage, divorce and blended families, nonmarital lifestyles, parenting, family policy and technology's impact on family life.

Attributes: Child & Family Studies Minor (C&FS), Core Self & Society (CSS), Women Gender Sexuality Studies (WMST)  
SOCI 282 Social Constructions of Deviance3 cr

Analyzes social definitions of and responses to deviance, as well as explanations of its causes. Examines drug and alcohol use and abuse, mental illness, sexual and gender differences, and other issues frequently considered deviant.

Attributes: Core Self & Society (CSS)  
SOCI 305 Latinas in US Society3 cr

Addresses the modern lives of young Latinas in the U.S. Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to, family, friendship, romance, appearance, identity, and socioeconomic status. In particular, the subject of "voice" or "voz" and the strength Latinas gain in society through expressing their opinions and giving testimony will be explored. The subject of the commodification and national/intercultural expectations of the body of Latinas will also be given much attention.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
Attributes: Child & Family Studies Minor (C&FS), Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ), Women Gender Sexuality Studies (WMST)  
SOCI 312 Sociological Theory3 cr

Explores the meaning of theory and its utility in the sociological enterprise. Examines foundational works of major classical theorists (Comte, Marx, Weber, Durkheim) and introduces contemporary perspectives such as symbolic interactionist, critical, feminist, and postmodern theories.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and two SOCI electives  
SOCI 316 Sociology of Sport3 cr

Analyzes sport as a microcosm of society. Specifically focuses on American sport from youth through the professional levels. Studies sport and the following: socialization, business, mass media, ethical dilemmas, race, gender, structural inequality and secular religion. Examines the sociological reasons why contemporary sport is organized and functions as it does.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
SOCI 321 Race and Ethnic Relations3 cr

Explores the intersection of race, ethnicity, and issues of diversity in the U.S. and beyond. Begins by establishing what race and ethnicity are in the U.S. Course topics related to race will include family relations, friendships, urban life, gender, socioeconomic status, stereotypes, community, and space/location. Occurrence of racism and related inequality in its various forms is a central discussion thread throughout the course.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ)  
SOCI 322 Population3 cr

Studies human populations in terms of size, composition, and distribution, and the causes and social consequences of these three characteristics. Examines issues of population policy at community, national, and international levels.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
Attributes: Environmental Studies (ENVI)  
SOCI 325 Contemporary Social Issues Through Film3 cr

Examines American society through the medium of film. Students learn how to analyze movies sociologically, to place them in their historical and cultural context, both as shaping forces in society and as reflections of underlying social issues.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
SOCI 331 Methods of Social Research3 cr

Examines sociological methods commonly used in the study of the social world, as well as ethical and political issues related to the research process. Explores the various steps of research design, data collection (questionnaire construction, interviewing, observation, content analysis) and data analysis. May include an independently designed research project.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and two SOCI electives  
SOCI 351 Criminology3 cr

Studies the nature of crime and theories of criminal behavior; operation of courts, police systems and correctional institutions; probation, parole and crime prevention.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ)  
SOCI 352 Juvenile Crime, Justice and Advocacy3 cr

Analyzes deviant/offender behavior and the criminal justice system for children and youth. Considers current issues (e.g., gangs, racism/discrimination, policing, sentencing, incarceration) from various societal perspectives. The course also explores youth advocacy efforts and collaborative work in schools and the larger community to assist youth offenders.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
Attributes: Child & Family Studies Minor (C&FS)  
SOCI 355 Law and Society3 cr

Analyzes the development of law in complex societies, its functions and the social forces that influence rule-making and rule-sanctioning institutions. Examines the workings of legislatures, courts and executive administrative agencies, as well as the role performance of legal practitioners - legislators, judges and lawyers.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100  
SOCI 360 Women, Movies, and MTV (music television)3 cr

Addresses sociological and social work accounts of the lived experiences of women in American society including special populations such as survivors of rape, spouse abuse, incest and mental illness. Compares these accounts to historical and cultural depictions of women in movies and MTV. Examines the images of women in film as a powerful form of cultural conditioning.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 or PSYC 100 or any Self & Society course  
Attributes: Child & Family Studies Minor (C&FS), Women Gender Sexuality Studies (WMST)  
SOCI 395 Special Topics in Sociology3 cr

A course or seminar for students who have taken a substantial number of sociology courses. Such courses or seminars may explore any of a variety of topics concerning social groups, social institutions, social interaction patterns, or any of the vast array of topic areas dealt with by sociologists.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and additional prereqs to be announced  
Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
SOCI 402 Genocide3 cr

Examines legal definition and cases of genocide to understand structural preconditions and effective prevention strategies.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and junior/senior status  
Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ)  
SOCI 403 Social Movements3 cr

Introduces students to major social movements of the 20th Century in the U.S. and the variety of state responses to them. Examines political, social, economic conditions that gave rise to movements and the ways in which these movements have succeeded and failed. Explores why people join movements and the tactics they use to achieve movement goals. Additional focus on how art (poetry, literature, performance art, murals, photography) can function as a form of political protest.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and junior/senior status  
Attributes: Leadership Minor (LDRS)  
SOCI 410 Sociology of Education3 cr

Uses a race, class, gender analytic structure to investigate social inequalities in education. School choice, urban schools, school sports, space/location, and friendship are some of the areas that will be explored. Family involvement in school choice, tracking, and magnet programs will also be considered. Grade school through college educational outcomes will be addressed.

Prerequisite: SOCI 331 or PSYC 290 and junior/senior status  
Attributes: Child & Family Studies Minor (C&FS), Women Gender Sexuality Studies (WMST)  
SOCI 415 Sociology of Happiness3 cr

Explores attainment and production of human happiness at individual and societal levels. It examines happiness theory and research from sociology, philosophy, anthropology, social psychology, health, political science, economics, public policy, and other fields to provide a comprehensive understanding of wellbeing and its multiple sources.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and junior/senior status  
SOCI 425 Sociology of Childhood3 cr

Explores the sociology of childhood. The course will begin by establishing definitions for the child and the sociology of childhood. Methodological issues surrounding children as research subjects, meaning making, sense of belonging, inequality, and culture in the worlds of childhood will be addressed. There will be a special focus in this course on the existence and displays of agency and interpretive reproduction in children's lives.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and junior/senior status  
Attributes: Child & Family Studies Minor (C&FS)  
SOCI 432 Doing Social Research4 cr

Provides opportunities for students to advance their understanding of social science inquiry in Sociology, Anthropology or Social Work by engaging with research methods, ethical principles and challenges, and research processes within qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies. Students will gain advanced practical knowledge and skills through the application of qualitative, quantitative, and/or mixed methods.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 or ANTH 130 or ANTH 240, junior/senior status  
SOCI 441 Social Stratification3 cr

Explores and analyzes stratification systems, theories of stratification, social mobility, types of inequality, methods of measuring inequality, and the impact upon life style and personality.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and junior/senior status  
Attributes: Cross-Cultural and Social Justice (CCSJ)  
SOCI 495 Advanced Special Topics in Sociology3 cr

Provides advanced sociology students with an opportunity to explore advanced topics, current issues, methods, and theories in the field of sociology.

Prerequisite: SOCI 100 and junior/senior status  
Repeatable: Unlimited Credits  
SOCI 499 Teaching Assistant in Sociology3 cr

Supervised academic class presentation(s), assistance with study sessions and tutorials, attendance at all classes, final paper and other duties negotiated with course instructor. Must have completed a minimum of four (4) courses in the discipline, have a 3.0 overall GPA or better, and a B+ or better in the course. This course can be taken for either pass/fail or traditional letter grading. This course requires approval of the department prior to enrollment.

Prerequisite: Junior/senior status  
Repeatable: Maximum of 6 credits  
SOCI 500 Independent Study - Sociology1-3 cr

Open to juniors and seniors who wish to read in a given area or to study a topic in depth under the direction of a sociologist. Requires written reports and frequent conferences with the advisor.

Prerequisite: Junior/senior status, department approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 3 credits  
SOCI 501 Research Assistant1-3 cr

Students will assist faculty member in conducting original quantitative and/or qualitative research projects. The responsibilities may include collecting archival, ethnographic, interview, or focus group data, working with data sets, or other research activities. This course is repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits.

Prerequisite: SOCI 331, junior/senior status, instructor approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 6 credits  
SOCI 505 ProSeminar3 cr

Prepares students for the start of potential graduate studies in the social sciences or a related discipline. The seminar will focus on and facilitate student exploration of graduate education and training opportunities including such topics as: the graduate school/program research and selection process; crafting curriculum vitae and/or business resumes; constructing a statement of purpose; and editing writing samples for graduate applications.

Prerequisite: Instructor approval  
SOCI 540 Sociology Internship3-15 cr

Placement in public or private organizations that apply knowledge and approaches from the social sciences. Internships are available in community development, criminal justice, educational programs and institutions, and governmental agencies. Internships are awarded from 3-15 credits per semester, depending on the extent of student involvement.

Prerequisite: Junior/senior status, six semester hours of related coursework at the 200-level or above, department approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 15 credits