Academic Catalog

Fine & Performing Arts (FPA)

FPA 500 Supervised Independent Study1-3 cr

Open to juniors and seniors who wish to read in a specific area or pursue a project or topic in depth under the direction of a faculty member. Frequent conferences with the advisor are required.

Prerequisite: Junior/senior status, department approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 12 credits  
FPA 501 Senior Thesis3 cr

Directed study representing a student's ability and commitment to serious academic research. Seniors present a written thesis exploring a topic of their choosing in depth. Topics must explore how the arts are interdisciplinary, be presented in the context of their time, and take into account related artistic influences and social values.

Prerequisite: Senior FPA Major  
FPA 540 Internship in Fine and Performing Arts1-15 cr

An opportunity to work in an arts-related job. Work situations might include: a position in a theatre company; collections management or educational outreach employment in a museum; assisting in the management of a community music ensemble or a school music program; work with development, publicity, programming, and publication for an arts council, gallery, or other arts business. Only 3 credits can be applied to Performing Arts major requirements.

Prerequisite: Performing Arts junior/senior status, department approval  
Repeatable: Maximum of 15 credits